Back To Basics

The Wilson house has always been a baseball house. We enjoy and follow all, and I mean all sports, but baseball defiantly trumps all the other sports. Golf, however, comes in at a close second. The sports enthusiasm comes mostly from my husband, Mark, but I try to keep up. I do love baseball though.

Spring is probably my favorite time of year. It ushers in vibrant colors, sweet aromas, and… Spring Training! March marks the beginning of Spring Training. Baseball teams all over the nation make their way to their designated destination for “Back To Basic” drills.

It’s amazing to me that professional players, who make millions of dollars in the game, go through much of the same fundamental running drills, fielding drills, and hitting drills that Little Leaguers go through.

The most accomplished players understand the importance of getting back to basics. Going back to the rudiment essentials, reinforcing muscle memory of proper and effective form and execution of plays after the long down time of the winter months.

Basics Are Important.

Getting back to basics is important in most of the areas of our lives. We don’t have a “Spring Training” per say, but we go on vacation to reconnect with our families and reconnect with our hearts and minds. Some companies send their employees to annual conferences to refresh sales and management abilities. People go back to school to sharpen their skills. I find doing my taxes every year inspires me get back to basics financially.

What About Our Spiritual Lives?

Life is hectic and sadly, our spiritual lives are one of the first things to suffer when things get chaotic. Some time spent being reminded of the things that we first learned when we came to the Lord can help us recenter on what’s important. It doesn’t matter how long one has been walking with Jesus, it is good to revisit the foundations of our Christianity:

1. God loves us and gave His Son, Jesus, to save us.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

2. Love God and love others.

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and love you neighbor as yourself.” Luke 10:27

For the next few posts I am going to be talking about getting back to basics in the following areas:

1. Prayer

2. Reading God’s Word

3. Praise & Worship

4. Giving

5. Serving

6. Witnessing

What does it mean to you to get “back to basics” with the Lord?


  • Shane Maher

    I have been thinking of this very thing lately. My life has been very busy with my return to work and there seem to be so many things that are being put by the wayside as I take on this new season. I love working. It definitely suits me but my time seems so easily consumed lately. The one thing I flat refuse to let go of is my Bible reading and prayer time in the morning. I cannot nor do I wish to go one single day without it but there are some mornings lately when I have gotten up a bit late and I feel as though I am rushing through. It may very well be that this is just part of this time of life for the next few years but I have been wanting a more intimate time with the Lord as of late. I want to go back to a more meat filled reading, slowed down for better absorption and an inner feeding that fills me up.
    Part of going back to basics for me is looking like a continuation of my mornings, because I cannot imagine any other start to my day, but I am now endeavoring to set some time aside at bedtime to read through the word on a slower pace taking in all I can and allowing for some time for writing down what has been fed to me for that day. I used to always write down my thoughts after reading the word because in those moments I sensed him so very clearly. I want that back because it inspires how I pray, worship, serve, give, and witness and even how I read God’s word.
    When I am in the word I get how much he cares for me and my family. I remember that he is faithful to his word. I remember that he is the only one I truly need and that he fulfills everyone of his promises. He does not care what I look like, where I have been, whether or not I am just so but he cares about me with a fervor that only God can muster. His word takes me back to the first time I understood that He loves me and I am thankful.

  • Joani

    Well said Shane. I agree with you, I can’t, nor do I want to, imagine a day without God’s Word. But there are those days that seem to be rushed, but it is still better than nothing. A bowl of cereal is not as good as eggs, bacon and the works, but it still fuels you. Thanks for sharing.